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Welcome to Fete Gold!

We are a new start up based in Halifax offering the finest and most beautiful solid 18k gold jewelleries. We sell solid Italian18k gold jewelries exclusively online with no physical store in order to keep our costs low. Tadaffete Retail under the brand name Fete Gold was started to make solid 18k gold jewelries readily available and accessible. 18k gold jewelry is 75% solid gold and 25% other metals making it the right combination of strength and value. We believe every hardworking Canadian deserves fine Italian jewelry which is why our prices are so low. We don't have to charge so much to be profitable.

We offer earrings, pendants, chains and bracelets in yellow, white and brush gold colours. We do not sell rings.

We are a product of the government of Nova Scotia entrepreneurship program CEED ( and a member of the Canadian Jewellers Association.

Pay in four instalments,
interest free with Klarna.

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