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Welcome to Fete Gold!

Jewelry is another way to affirm who you are as it represents you wherever you are. Even at your most casual or at a formal event, people must never be in doubt about your status and standing; and Italian fine jewelry does that extremely well. And while jewelry can serve various purposes at various times, the value of each piece must always remain front and center, and for all to see and know. The high value of your jewelry speaks volumes, it places you on a higher pedestal. Your jewelry is class and cash; and you are not shy to display it for everyone to see.

Your jewelry is like you, it has meaning and value. This value allows the jewelry to be even more meaningful and the reason for the purchase becomes more accentuated.

Hi! My name is Adeola but people call me Ade (A day). I provide jewelry for those who want to maintain their class and status.
















I've always loved jewelry, but I discovered my taste for fine jewelry while living with an Aunty in Lagos, Nigeria where I'm originally from. She only bought solid Italian 18k gold jewelries. I loved the unique design and excellent craftmanship of her jewelry which was apparent in Italian gold. In particular, I love the luxurious nature of Italian fine jewelry- it speaks opulence and commands respect.

On moving to Canada, I discovered that solid gold jewelries were even more valuable as they are not readily available or accessible and by owning one, you are perceived to be in a higher tax bracket.

Before opening this jewelry store, I worked as an Accountant and Auditor with two of the 'big 4' Accounting firms. Precision is foremost. Accurate information is required before reaching a conclusion. The same principle is applied to this business- assumptions are not allowed. We engage our customers and encourage them to tell us what they want; their thoughts and desires, so we can get them the right product. I would like you to describe the image you wish to project, so I can help you step into the position you desire. 

What statement are you looking to make with your jewelry? Are you ready for jewelry with meaning and value? Shop here for the finest in Italian jewelry that we have to offer.

The owner of a store in Halifax that offers solid 18k gold jewelry
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